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Top Air Purifiers On Sale This Week!

| 4 months ago

From Dyson to Levoit, these are the most effective air purifiers at the top prices – at a time when we’re all cooped up indoors!

Best Entry Level Air Purifier For Small Rooms: Levoit Air Purifier For Up To 220 Square Feet

Was: $100.00
Now: $89.99
Get the deal right here. 
Perks: Quiet operation, handles allergies, pet hair, smoke, pollen, mold, True HEPA filtration system.
Best for bedrooms, kitchen counters, nurseries and offices.

Best Intermediate Air Purifier For Medium Size Rooms: Honeywell True HEPA Air Purifier – Up To 465 Square Feet

Was: $249.99
Now: $225.99
Get the deal right here. 
Perks: No 1. brand recommended by allergists, backed by top 5 year warranty, ideal for smoke, pet hair, pollen, mold and those living with asthma.
Best for large bedrooms, condos, rooms that share close proximity to kitchens, homes in urban environments or areas with higher air pollution.

Best Advanced Air Purifier For Large Size Rooms: Alen FLEX Air Purifier  – Up To 700 Square Feet

Was: $349.99
Now: $276.42
Get the deal right here.
Perks: SleepScore Validated, Medical grade filter, purifier 700ft every 30 minutes, incredibly quiet and effective.
Best for living rooms, dining rooms, families rooms, large bedrooms, condos, pollen, bacteria, mold, pet odor, dander and dust.

Best Splurge Air Purifier For Smart Home Integration: Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier, WiFi Connected, Certified For Asthma 

Currently selling for $779.99 – Get the Dyson Air Purifier right here!
Perks: Automatically senses air pollution events, initiates purification, creates air quality reports, silent operation, incredibly effective cooling fan and space heater, works with Alexa, Wi-Fi connected app, Certified Asthma and allergy friendly, one of the best air purifiers money can buy.
Best for condos, apartments, homes, smart home enthusiasts, anyone living with concerns over air quality, those who live with asthma, pets, odor containment issues and bacteria/mold.