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How to get FREE Victoria ‘Diamond’ Earrings today!

| 2 years ago

This could easily be the best jewelry promotion we’ve seen – just in time for Valentine’s Day 2021!

We’re not sure why but LuLu Rose Couture is offering free Victoria synthetic diamond micro pave solitare studs and you can take advantage of this freebie right now. Their signature synthetic diamond stone in a sterling silver setting can be yours for free, just pay the $14 USPS 3-5 day delivery shipping fee and you’re good to go!

This pair of earrings has a typical list price of $79.95 so even when you factor in the cost of shipping you’re scoring $66 in savings and locking in a beautiful keepsake for very little cash! If you’re on a tighter budget this Valentine’s Day or simply want to treat yourself and celebrate one of the best freebies we’ve seen this year, click here!

Victoria Micro Pave Stud Earrings 
Was: $79.95
Now: FREE + $14 shipping and handling
Click here to score the deal!