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Spring Cleaning Savings: Top robo vac deals!

| 3 years ago

Just in time for Spring Cleaning Season,  these are the top contenders to get the job done with reductions up to 50% off.

Best Entry Level Robotic Vacuum Under $200: ILIFE V5s Pro 2-in-1 Robo Vac and Robo Mop
Only $159.99 or less with free shipping! This Robo Vac is also a mop and ideal as the perfect starter solution for anyone on a budget!

Best Mid Level Robotic Vacuum Under $250: Eufy By Anker Boost IQ WiFi Programmable Robo Vac
Only $175.99 with free shipping! This robo vac is ideal for pet owners and with the addition of WiFi this is compatible with the Amazon Alexa App, and can be scheduled to clean from its own app.

Best Advanced Robotic Vacuum Under $420: Roborock Vacuum and Mop With Self-Mapping Technology
Only $419.99 ($180 off) with free shipping when you add the special coupon available. This robo vac is the best of all worlds: extreme suction, industry-leading battery life, it’s both a mop and a vac plus it uses multi-floor mapping technology to learn where your furniture is ensuring the most efficient cleaning route possible.

Best Top Of The Line Self-Emptying Robotic Vacuum Under $438: The Shark IQ Robot Self Empty XL 
Only $437.99 ($112 off) with free shipping for a very limited time. This self-mapping, strong suction and well equipped robo vac takes care of itself for an entire month emptying its own basin. If you want a full two month break with an alternative self-emptying robotic vacuum that takes care of itself for a 60 day period, consider the The iRobot Roomba i3+ With Self Mapping and Automatic Dirt Disposal which is $50 off.