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Big sale on Filtrete HVAC and air filters at Amazon

| 2 years ago

Have you changed your air filter or HVAC filter this month? With this big sale at Amazon, you’ll be breathing better all season!

Chance are you’re over-paying for your HVAC filters! More importantly, between allergies, dust, germs and other concerns over the air we breathe, we can’t afford to cut corners. My wife has allergies, we had some brief concerns over childhood asthma for our almost three year old and today’s sale at Amazon is like a breath of fresh air! 3M makes some of the best filters you buy under the Filtrete brand and depending on your needs and the corresponding MERV rating, you can breathe cleaner air and ensure more efficiency for your furnace and air conditioner.

Click here to access the sale. 
Filters are sold in 2 and 6 packs.
MERV ratings of 6 – 13 are available with free Prime Shipping!