The Best & Worst Buys of June 2024

Plus, 10 Exclusive Costco Deals you NEED to Know!

With the warm season in full swing, June is a tremendous month full of incredible sales on all sorts of seasonal essentials. Despite those deals, there are also some purchases that could actually result in a costly mistake.

To help prepare you, here is a road map of the best bargains you can expect and some purchases to avoid.

What’s included this week:

👍🏼 Your 5 Best Buys In June

 Sunglasses: It’s always nice to see items on sale while they also happen to be so heavily in demand. National Sunglasses Day is June 27th which brings even more promotions of up to 50% off toward the end of the month. 

 Sporting Gear and Power Tools: Father’s Day is June 16th which means many of the products which are stereotypically associated with dads are at some of their lowest prices of the year. 

 Swimwear and Lingerie:  Rumored to be on June 12th, Victoria’s Secret will hold its semi-annual sale with reductions up to 60% off thousands of items. You’ll find many other lingerie, pyjama and swimwear stores following suit #DadPun

 Travel: By this point, if you have not yet committed to a summer or early fall vacation, there are fantastic “last minute” options available. Last June, Frontier Airlines debuted its “All You Can Fly Past,” and Expedia cranks out its best summer package deals in June.

 Amazon-Made Products At Warehouse Clubs: Every year before Prime Day in July, Amazon increases the number of home security discounts for stores like Sam’s Club and Costco on Ring and Blink security bundles as warehouse clubs don’t participate in Prime Day.

👎🏼 3 Big Purchases To Avoid In June

 Televisions: Other than one 58” limited-time offer for a TCL 4K TV at Costco, television deals in June are not a great idea. July will have superb TV deals from Best Buy and Walmart alongside Amazon.

 Grills: If you have held off this long, perhaps you can wait for the 4th of July to score price 30 - 40% lower than what we are seeing right now. Your patience will pay off. 

 Major Home Appliances: Following the Memorial Day sales rush, stores generally increase their appliances prices closer to “MSRP,” only to later lower the prices and re-load the incentives for July 4th sales. When it comes to smaller appliances like air fryers and multi-cookers, these will be your best bet on Prime Day, not 4th of July. 

🍽️ A Great App For Grocery Savings


SuperCook is one of my favorite money-saving apps that gives you recipe ideas based on the ingredients you already have at home. You simply enter what you have in your fridge or pantry (via text or voice), and it shows you recipes you can make with those items, helping you use up all your existing food and avoid waste.

They even have a website if you don’t have access to a smartphone or tablet.

It's free and works on both iOS and Android, making it a handy tool for anyone who loves to cook.

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  3. 📱 Up to 30% OFF Smart Home at Home Depot

  4. 🛏️ Metal Framed Twin Bunk Beds for $189.19 ($200 OFF)

  5. 🕯️ Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale is live! (Up to 75% OFF)

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As promised in my latest video, here are 10 online-only Costco deals that you need to know about.

The Rechargeable Clamp Work Light I featured earlier this year is now down to $29.97

This 7.8 CU. FT. GE Electric Dryer is priced to clear at $699.97 (this is $200 LESS than Best Buy’s current clearance price!)

A 17.3" HP Laptop with 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD is now $549.97

This Portable Massage Table is heated and on clearance at $199.97

This Blink Camera Bundle includes 3 different cameras for just $99.97 (if you bought these separately you’d be paying $140 on Amazon!)

A 31.5” Acacia Wood Grazing Board is down to $24.97

Looking to juice this summer? This Nutribullet Juicer Pro is on clearance at $79.97

This Philips Hue Bundle includes 2 light strips and is now just $69.97

And finally, if you often use DoorDash, you can now buy Two $50 Gift Cards for $79.99! (This deal only usually occurs at Best Buy on Black Friday, so I was very excited to see it now available at Costco)

Remember, pricing and availability on any of these items could change at anytime!


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this newsletter. If there are any topics you want me to prioritize for next week, please let me know!

Happy Savings!👋

The Deal Guy (Matt Granite)