Hidden Clearance Websites You NEED to Know!

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The summer can be a fantastic time to score a deal, but it’s an even better time to take advantage of countless products on clearance.

This email is dedicated to all of the lesser-known resources you may not be aware of that will help you secure solid deals!

3 Items To Never Buy On Clearance

Before I reveal the top websites devoted to clearance deals, I have a short list of clearance items you may want to completely avoid.

👎🏼 TV’s Older Than 2 Years Old : You can always check the model year of a television on clearance. In the event you need a clearance television serviced which is common for pixel or LED issues, local technicians may not have access to those older parts to repair your TV. If the television is under warranty, that so-called incredible deal may have to go back to the manufacturer for a refund, and you’re back at square one or looking at a TV with a much higher price.

👎🏼 Fridges… with a catch!: That beloved built-in ice dispenser tied to a fridge on clearance is one of the first parts to fail, and one of the most difficult to replace in terms of parts. A very busy fridge repair technician I spoke to last month said ice dispenser parts are nearly impossible to find after a fridge has been discontinued.

👎🏼 Generic Vitamins: If you encounter any vitamins on clearance, check to see if the bottle is nearing its expiration date. There’s another problem as well: Researchers from the University of Mississippi tested 30 immune-supporting supplements bought on Amazon and found that only 13 actually contained what was claimed on the product’s label. No-name supplements from other retailers may be sitting on that clearance shelf for a reason.

🏷️ 6 Awesome Websites For Clearance Deals

Flights: Incredible deals from major airlines accessible from your local airport is not a fantasy phenomenon. AirfareWatchDog.com is a simple aggregator that packs a powerful punch when it comes to flight savings. Many of the top deals are hand-picked by humans rather than AI so I appreciate the personal touch.

You can see it found a return flight for just $68 from DEN to LAX

Incredible eBay Deals: By now, everyone is well aware of eBay.. however, did you know there is a website dedicated to hunting down all the misspelled listings that are often overlooked and therefore sell for much less than products with correctly spelled titles. This website allows you to search for any item on eBay, but instead, will only pull up listings with incorrect spelling in the title so you have a higher chance of getting a significant discount.

Here is a sample listing after I searched the word “Antique”

Tech: I’ve purchased computers, security cameras and equipment for the YouTube studio in my basement from B&H. They ship quickly, have good customer service in my experience and are often unbeatable on Apple products. You can select the different tech categories at the top of this page and hopefully locate a fantastic clearance deal for yourself.

Some great deals on smart home products!

Shoes and Clothing: It can be highly overwhelming to browse more than 300+ shoes and fashion accessories all simultaneously on clearance. This special section of 6pm.com can be your best friend for fashion bargains if you use the selectors on the left of the screen to narrow down your favorite brand, price range and merchandise color of choice to start.

Costco: Costco97.com is a website dedicated to uncovering and sharing unadvertised clearance deals found at Costco stores. It focuses specifically on items marked with a price ending in .97 - which is internal Costco code for clearance items. These deals are contributed by Costco shoppers, but be aware the products can vary widely by store and region.

Example of just some of the clearance finds submitted every day to Costco97

Fresh Produce: The Seasonal Food Guide is an online tool designed to help you find out what produce is in season in your specific location at any given time of the year.

While this is technically not “clearance”, it does help keep you informed of what produce will likely be priced at its lowest point during your next grocery run.

🤫 A Great Resource To Predict Massive Sales


A few minutes of research could save you a substantial amount of money. Milled.com is a website that allows you to see any archived newsletter from any major retailer from the last several years.

Here is an example of Walmart’s email archive

This serves as incredible knowledge base to help predict what sales may repeat. If you were to search the Walmart email newsletter for 4th of July last year as an example, you’d have a very good idea of what types of products you could expect to see discounted this year on clearance.

You can see there was some significant discounts on July 4th last year

The only catch is the website requires you to create a free account in order browse newsletters from more than 6 months ago. I do use this feature often, so the small inconvenience of signing up was worth it to me.

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